Leatha’s  Bar-B-Que Inn’s Walls of Fame

Leatha’s walls are adorned with photo’s of many celebrities who have dined there. Brett Favre, a local resident is a fixure at Leatha’s.  Here are a few of the others who have enjoyed the down home atmosphere and infamous bar-b-que.


Leatha's customers: BB King, Brett Favre, Christian Slater, Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke
Leatha's celebrity customers: Jason Campbell, Jerry Clower, Matt Lauer, and Steve McNair


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A Road Trip to the 18 Best Barbecue Spots in America

May might officially be National Barbecue Month, but summer is the time for road trips. And while plenty of people have documented their journeys to all the Major League stadiums, theme parks, national parks, monuments, and presidential assassination destinations across this great land, we can think of no better adventure to take with your friends and family than finding the best, most unique, and most authentically American barbecue eateries in the country. These are the 18 spots you and anyone you can stand three weeks in a car with should be hitting along the way.

– Alison Murphy from Mens Journal

Leatha’s BBQ – Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Best Barbecue in AmericaMensJournal.com

Leatha’s is incredibly hard to find, but well worth the search once you do. It’s location isn’t the only thing Leatha’s keeps under wraps, though – it’s secret sauce draws barbecue devotees from ever state around for being the perfect mix of tangy and sweet. And the secret recipe for their mustard-based coleslaw that will make a believer out of even the most fervent coleslaw atheist. Of course, the rest of the menu ain’t bad either.   What to Order: Four-meat plate with secret sauce, and a side of coleslaw.

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I’m not sure about Leatha’s restaurant (Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn in Hattiesburg, Mississippi), but Leatha’s sauce is down home. This stuff is sold in Ball Jars with a black and white sticker slapped on, ya’ll. There are no ingredients. There is no nutritional info. There is no barcode. Just Ms. Leatha’s pretty face … this jar would be right at home within the pages of Wilber W. Caldwell’s Searching for the Dixie Barbecue.

Okay, but how does it taste? Delicious. This is definitely a sweet one. It’s got a lot of tomato flavor, and it’s got sugar for sure, but…maybe something more? I heard a rumor that grape jelly is one of the ingredients. I can’t confirm or deny that, but let’s just say there is a certain candy quality to Ms. Leatha’s magic. It’s got a little bit of pepper and heat, but nothing strong enough to make you forget that sweetness. I bet it would make some ribs taste mighty fine.  ~ Ukila Food Blog

Leatha’s has the best BBQ POSSIBLY IN MISSISSIPPI and most definitely in Hattiesburg by far. U gotta try the beef ribs and the steak. U will comeback. And the sauce is so good. Maybe as good as the meat. Just ask Matt Lauer of the Today Show; he agrees with me. The potato salad is very good and the fries go good with the sauce.

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